Mancini Crime Familia

                       THE MANCINI CRIME FAMILIY

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As you may know the whereabouts of the Mancini Crime Family, they are no where! It all started in the back yard of the trailer part when the three hobbos, gino, JR,and boss, oldest to youngest of the hobbo brothers. Their family moved from the trailer park to the big city of new york the KKK violence in the trailer parks. The brothers  struggled financially, and their parents were Raped by loan sharks in Aldarney. They were forced into a orphanage where they met three guys in a black van with candy. The van guys were the weired type of people that established a sexual friendship with everyone. But if you ever messed with them, they were going to have dirty sex. The three Hobbbos and the men in the van where very good friends for a while they were in the orphanage and the Hobbos told him of the tragic death of their parents. Set out for revenge, the three brothers and Charlie were very street smart but with all different strengths. Enrico (Eric for short) was very intimidating, gave orders, and usually stuck up for the two younger ones when they were in trouble. Quintino, was the quiet but yet most intelligent. Mostly stealing and selling the product or finding ways to find money for the three brothers. Machiavelli (Mac for short) was the very hotheaded yet a peculiar person with a chip on his shoulder ready to fight. Charlie, was usualy there to look intimidating in front of others. Once they were around seventeen and eighteen years old the oldest, Eric, wanted to start a group due to most of the threatening activity around the neighborhood. The only problem they had was Charlie was not full Italian. He was mixed with Irish and was not allowed to join the group they made. So he set off to make another creww along side the Mancini brothers. Those willing to join the Mancinis, joined with honor and sacracy. As the family grew and was noticed by many groups in Liberty City, mainly a strong already running Family, The Genovese Family. The family took the Mancini crew under their wing. Easily influenced by their surroundings, The Mancini crew later turned into and organized crime family with Eric as the Don, Quintino ans the Under Don, and Mac as the Consigliere. Bowman had also organized a large motorcycle gang together, naming it the Mancini Outlaws, in honor f the Mancini Brothers. As time passed, the Mancini Family grew and became very uneasy due to the amount of members. The problem with this is the fear of snitches and spies. Then a group of three friends wanted to join the family. They were very loyal soldiers and were always looking for recruits that made the family grow. But one of the friends decided he didn't like the family and planned to kill the Don. Word spread out and later Don found out and had him assassinated. Surviving the assassination with a gunshot through the cheek and two bullets wounds to the knees, he called his two friends out of the Family to create their own called the Taylor Gang. A still unorganized group, they have shown no effort to confront the Mancini power in Liberty City. With this being said, crime was high throught Liberty City and was mostly due to organized crime. The city wanted to crack down one the families from
biggest to smallest. The person behind the cracking down of the families was the chief of police Francis McCreary and the mayor, Miles O'Donavan. Later when the Mancinis received word of the the crackdowns, the family went under the radar. Once the city turned to take down the Genovese and Up Town Mafia, the Mancini family knew they had to do something to help their allies. In the Summer of 2011 on July 16, the chief of police was in the park meeting with his brother to catch up with him. Then within minutes Francis McCreary was sniped in the head by a hired assassin named Nico Bellic, by the Mancini family. Two days later there was a meeting about the death of the chief of police and the Mayor needed to attend it. Just as the meeting was going to end the mayor was shot through a window on the 45th floor of a skyscraper building in downtown by a Mancini hit-man. The crackdowns soon stopped and never reached the Mancini Family making them untouchable. In the next day papers, the scribes of the paper quoted, "In the investigation, the killer was never seen or heard of nicknaming him Ghost Mancini. The name Mancini was given because a note on the window where the Mayor was assassinated was left saying "Mancinis are back". Because of the happenings of the assassinations, a lot of other Families were infuriated because of the hopes of the bigger mafias being taken down. So several attacks were made on the Mancinis. One day the Don was out walking to pick up a crate of oranges to bring back home but on the way home on his walk, 3 Leone members noticed him walking, pulled up next to him and shot him twice in the torso area. This left the Don bleeding out on the sidewalk until paramedics came to pick him up. The word spread and it reached the Dons younger brothers and they were angry and immediately returned fire. The sent one soldier to kill a few members of the Leones. They received word that some of the members were at a Chinese restaurant in Aldarney. The soldier drove up to the restaurant and walked in guns blazing to successfully wiped out 4 important figures of the Leons. And as it turns out, the head member of the Leons, known as Cartel Colombian, was crawling away with a wound to the leg. The soldier of the Mancinis then turned around, grabbed an antique samurai sword and stuck the sword through his chest, thus giving him the nickname, Blade Mancini. Once Cartel Colombian was killed death threats and attempts cut out and the Don survived the gunshots and was out of the hospital in a matter of two weeks. After several weeks of good progress, The Mancinis had organized themselves to be one of the most notorious family in Liberty City. They owned most of Dukes/Broker and the Outlaws usualy hung around their club house near the bridge of Aldarney. Now that the family has grown soo much we now have full support to a group of ex-military. They have supported us highly and is a great asset in the story of the Mancini crime family. The Mancinis are continuing to grow and are looking to expand to San Andreas only because of the lack of thrill given off from the worn out Liberty City. We have conquered whats needed and now we willl move onto the next challenge.